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Education Week

Catholic Education Week activities and presentations were fabulous. The events and activities presented throughout the week were great. The Dance Presentations on Tuesday were truly amazing and inspiring. The Talent Show on Friday was wonderful with solo and group performances by students and staff. Thank you to everyone for their support during Catholic Education Week.


Rosary Apostolate Celebration

Each month, the Rosary Apostolate comes to the school to work with the students. They end the year with the May Celebration. This year, as in past years, the Celebration was amazing. We thank them for their wonderful presentation and we thank the school community for their support of the Rosary Apostolate and the May Celebration.


Phylicia George, Olympic Bronze Medallist


Phylicia George, Olympic Bronze Medallist at the 2018 Winter Games, visited St. Vincent de Paul on Thursday, March 8th, 2018. The school community had a wonderful opportunity to listen to her presentation, ask questions about her sports and her life and congratulate her on her achievements. St. Vincent de Paul staff, students, parents and guardians are very proud of Phylicia George. We ... Continue reading "Phylicia George, Olympic Bronze Medallist"